Call for: Chapter Proposals

Call for chapter proposals for a book entitled: Analysis of Science, Technology and Innovation in emerging economies


Alexander Cotte Poveda

Senior Researcher of Colombian Observatory of Science and Technology
Faculty of Economics, University Santo Tomas, Colombia

Clara Inés Pardo Martínez
Executive director of Colombian Observatory of Science and Technology
School of Administration, University of El Rosario, Colombia
Sylvia Fletscher
Project Manager of Colombian Observatory of Science and Technology
Faculty of Economics, University Externado de Colombia
Professor Springer and/or Nova Science Publishers, Inc. These editorials are indexed in Scopus.

We would like to invite you to submit a short abstract on your intended book chapter to be published in the above edited book. The abstract should not exceed two pages highlighting the main contributions in terms of:

 1. Domain: specifies the real application domain and a clear statement of the investigated issue.

2. Novelty and Contributions: provide clear statements on the advancement of knowledge in the theory selecting some of the following relationship:

  • Investments in science, technology and innovation
  • Indicators in science, technology and innovation
  • Knowledge management and generation
  • Human resources related to I+D+I
  • Scientific culture
  • Education and science and technology
  • Patents
  • Science and technology in the cities
  • The political economy perspective
  • Publications and generation of knowledge
  • Science and technology and information and communications technology
  • The women in the science and technology
  • National policies to promote science, technology and innovation
  • Related topics

3.Strategic and Policy Implications: provide statements on the impact of the results on the public policies. Please use template of the attachment in word (template proposal chapter).

 Selection process

The book editorial team will conduct a quick review of the submitted abstracts in order to invite the authors of the most relevant abstracts to submit by February 15th, 2018 their full chapters for processing according to the following schedule:

Chapter proposals September 10, 2017
Decisions from editors October 1, 2017
Full submission of chapters February 15, 2018
Feedback of reviews March 15, 2018
Revised chapter submission May 1, 2018
Final acceptance notifications June 1, 2018


Further details on the call for chapters please contact to editors:;;




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